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Are you fed up of paying through the nose for a slow unreliable broadband connection just because you live in a poorly serviced area?

What if there was a cheaper way to browse the net, update your status and laugh at those cat videos?

Well now there is.

MyNET is a bidirectional high speed Wireless internet service that eliminates the need for telephone lines.

So what are you waiting for?

The best, unlimited, fast internet in Cashel

just €29/per month ( inc. VAT)

With My Net , Internet has really come of age.

This is an affordable package that uses cutting edge technology to deliver high-speed internet with unrivaled reliability. While you may have Internet at your home, you are probably like other families around that can’t enjoy it due to slow connection speed, limits, getting constantly bumped offline, and waiting for annoying buffering while you watch something on You TUBE or try to up-load pictures or other heavy files to the network.

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